Tcp Zero Window

TCP Zero Windows – and Why They Can Be VERY Bad

TCP zero windows

FIN says “i finished talking to you, but i’ll still listen to everything you have to say until you’re done”

RST says “there is no conversation. i won’t say anything and i won’t listen to anything you say” – this is useful if you have long lasting TCP connection with little traffic. if one of the computers is restarted, it forgets about the connection, and the other computer gets RST, as soon as it sends another packet.

Dead Connection Detection (DCD) Explained (Doc ID 151972.1)
Oracle Net 12c: New Implementation of Dead Connection Detection (DCD) (Doc ID 1591874.1)
The relation between MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) and SDU (Session Data Unit) (Doc ID 274483.1)
Oracle Net Performance Tuning (Doc ID 67983.1)

TCP Connection Establishment and Termination


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