Installing DB2 failed on PowerHA

We’re installing DB2 9.7 on AIX 7.1 and run into the following error:

installSAM: Cannot upgrade System Automation because this node is online 
Name      OpState RSCTVersion 
spbcclr03 Online     
installSAM: This node must be excluded from automation and then stopped before upgrade can proceed
installSAM: Exclude this node from automation using command 'samctrl -u a spbcclr03
installSAM: Before you try again, stop this node with stoprpnod spbcclr03
installSAM: No installation was performed 

command lsrpdomain reports cluster status is Online.

The cause is that our SA configured Hacmp first. We need to stoprpdomain before the installation can proceed.

The most straightforward way to take it offline did not work due to an apparent bug in PowerHA (version 7.1.3).  So we had to use a workaround method to do this: 

1.  Stop PowerHA (Wait till clstrmgr in init state)                                   
2.  Create script to Stop CAA as follows:                                                                                             
        touch /usr/es/sbin/cluster/etc/emgr.$$                                   
        clctrl -stop -m                                                                                                                                                                      
3.  chmod the script from step #2 to allow execute and the run the script                 

After doing the above steps, the lsrpdomain command will now show the peer domain as offline. 



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