Accessing web server running on VM from external network

Hypervisor IP addr: (external)
Hypervisor vmnet1 IP addr:
Hypervisor vmnet8 IP addr:
VM host IP addr:

Firstly, we need to configure port forwarding according to the following articles:

Configuring a Web server on a virtual machine that uses NAT mode networking (2006955)

After checking firewall issues, I cannot figure out why I still didn’t get any response when accessing the URL:

At that time I checked apache access_log and executed tcpdump in guest host and it suddenly began to dawn on me that the guest host doesn’t have a default gateway. That’s exactly why the guest host cannot receive acknowledge packet from hypervisor! After setting the default gateway, the web server works perfectly.

Edit -> Virtual Network Editor -> VMnet8 -> NAT settings -> Gateway IP
Gateway IP :
VMWare Interfaces Tutorial


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