Chinese city bans students from tearing up textbooks, state media says

An “unconventional measure of blowing off steam before the exam has prevailed in recent years, with students tearing their textbooks into pieces and throwing them off the school building. Some choose to yell in the school buildings to cheer themselves up as well.” The exams have been criticised for leading to a culture of cramming… Continue reading Chinese city bans students from tearing up textbooks, state media says

sec_case_sensitive_logon seems not working

DB: Oracle RAC OS: Solaris SPARC 10u11 Q: Parameter sec_case_sensitive_logon is set to default true. However, user still can logon with case insensitive words. i.e. both conn cfets261/cfets261 and cfets261/CFETS261 will succeed. The parameter seems not be working. A: The user data was imported from a 10g database, in which the password was stored… Continue reading sec_case_sensitive_logon seems not working

Rewriting SP to CTAS to improve performance

Business Requirement We have user tables which is used to store user and privilege information. Column AMM_FNCTY_BIT_STREAM is RAW(1025) and the BITS in the first 1024 bytes ( namely 8192 bits) represents 8192 different privilege flags. Now we need to decode the privilege column into different rows. In other words, if the bit flag in… Continue reading Rewriting SP to CTAS to improve performance

Different register and connection IP

Q: If the database registers to IP1 and the listener listens on both IP1 and IP2. Will the client be able to connect to the database via IP2? A: Yes. Test environment: OS: Redhat Linux 6.3 x86_64 DB: Oracle RAC [grid@bcmsdbs01 admin]$ lsnrctl status LISTENER_TEST LSNRCTL for Linux: Version – Production on 13-MAY-2016… Continue reading Different register and connection IP