TNS-12535 error

These time out related messages are mostly informational in nature. The messages indicate the specified client connection (identified by the ‘Client address:’ details) has experienced a time out. The ‘nt secondary err code’ identifies the underlying network transport, such as (TCP/IP) timeout limits after a client has abnormally terminated the database connection. The ‘nt secondary… Continue reading TNS-12535 error

Adaptive Log File Sync in Oracle 11gR2

DB: Oracle RAC OS: Solaris SPARC 64bit Storage: IBM DS8800 Frequent switching between post/wait and polling was observed. Maximum ‘log file sync’ could be up to 120 ms while average wait time for ‘log file parallel write’ is approximately 13 ms. Orion summary indicates the minimum I/O latency is about 5-6 ms. Although this… Continue reading Adaptive Log File Sync in Oracle 11gR2